Our network activities are spread across four Research Enabling Platforms (REPs) with the aim of generating new One Health transdisciplinary knowledge, by facilitating novel research collaborations in areas of crucial significance to the global governance of IDs and AMR. 

While each REP is located at one of the four main hosting institutions of Global 1HN, building on existing research projects and programs at the respective universities, new proposals are expected to incorporate researchers from across the Network in their research activities. The REPs are co-directed by two Network members, including a senior and early career researcher. Topically, the four REPs will address the role of: 

  1. SURVEILLANCE (Université de Montréal)
  2. RESPONSE (University of Calgary)
  3. INSTITUTIONALIZATION (York University) in the global governance of IDs and AMR
  4. While systematically considering aspects of EQUITY (University of Ottawa)

The Figure below depicts the overarching research topics for which each platform will generate outputs (indicated in the bottom row). These outputs will be driven by new research findings from competitive grant funding to which the network will apply, and will be used to inform and support integrated Knowledge Translation activities.



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